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  • DNA Science Blog

    Laura King Edwards, who is running a race in every state to raise awareness for her younger sister Taylor’s battle against Batten disease, is giving a TEDx talk in Charlotte.

  • StyleBlueprint

    Laura King Edwards has a lot going on. She’s a writer, a rare disease advocate and she does marketing at one of the biggest firms in Charlotte. But she’s also an accomplished runner (with the goal of running a race in all 50 states) and a sister on a mission: She co-founded a non-profit to help fight for her younger sister. But at the heart of it all, she says she’s a storyteller. In fact, her first book will be published next year, and she’s gearing up to give a TEDx Talk in just a few weeks. Get to know Laura King Edwards, today’s FACE of Charlotte.

  • KULR-8 Missoula

    Laura Edwards once ran a half marathon blindfolded in less than two hours. And now she is on a 50-state running quest to honor her sister who is dying of a rare disease, Batten disease.

  • Missoula Current

    Some runners run for their health. Others run for the competition. On Sunday morning, North Carolina native Laura King Edwards will run the Missoula Half-Marathon to bring awareness to rare diseases.

  • Alternative Missoula

    Laura King Edwards of Charlotte, North Carolina ran a half marathon blindfolded in less than 2 hours to raise money for a rare disorder called Batten disease. Now her quest is to run races in all 50 states to raise awareness, and she will check Montana off her list this weekend.